Pinewood Derby Car Kit

Standard Wheelbase

The Velocinator is our lowest profile cars. At just 1/4 inch thick, The Velocinator slips down the track at top speed.

The Velocinator is equipped with underbody weight pockets, which allows considerable freedom in weight placement. By adjusting the placement of the 3/16 inch tungsten cubes, the following balance points can be achieved (measured forward from rear axle)

 Balance Point
Wheel TypeMinimumMaximum
Official BSA Speed
2.6 gram
7/8 inch2-1/4 inch
Outlaw/Pro-Ultralite BSA Speed
1.0 gram
15/16 inch2-1/8 inch

The VELOCINATOR Kit includes a pre-cut pine block with weight pockets, 3/16 inch tungsten cubes, and instructions. Wheels and axles are not included, so use the wheels and axles supplied by your club or order them separately.

Two types of standard wheel base versions are available:

The following standard options are available:
  1. Drilled axle holes for Awana axles (3/32" bit) - add $1.00.

Customer Submitted Photos of the Velocinator

Steve Teerlinck - 2008

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