Standard Wedge Turbo
Pinewood Derby Car Design

THE WEDGE TURBO adds a racy twist to the classic wedge design. With ease of building and top performance, THE WEDGE TURBO is a great choice for new builders.

In addition to the car kit and basic hand tools, you will need the following supplies to build THE WEDGE TURBO:
Additional Photos of the Wedge Turbo

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Customer Submitted Photos of the WEDGE TURBO
Robert & Joseph Mirabile - 2003

Robert Mirabile, November 24, 2003
Need proof of MAXIMUM VELOCITY? My son Joseph (age 7) wanted to build a nice looking car so we started doing an Internet search for Pinewood Derby designs. When we came across the Maximum Velocity website and saw the "WEDGE TURBO" he said, "That's the car I want to build." We then ordered the plans for the WEDGE TURBO and "Car Construction Guidelines". After reading all the material and helping him build the car, it looked great; but would it reach Maximum Velocity? YES it did! It came in 1st on all his runs and 2nd in the division finals (by a hair I must say). Thanks for making my son have a time of his life.

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