Multi-Purpose Pinewood Derby Car Stand

US Patent 8827218 B2

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Here is a handy Paint Stand for working on your pinewood derby car. This quality-built stand securely holds your car for painting, allowing you to hold your car in any position. In addition, the Paint Stand:
  • Allows you to hold the car in any position while painting.

  • Works with axle slots1 or axle holes, and with any wheelbase.

  • Keeps paint out of the axle slots or holes.

  • Provides a stable base while your car dries.

Usage Tips:
  • The stand is shipped unassembled with easy to follow instructions. A Phillips Screwdriver is required for assembly.

  • If the car to be painted has axle slots, either install and then remove an axle at each axle position, or pilot drill the axle slots with a Pro-Body Tool.

  • Bend the wires to fit the wheelbase of your car.

  • When painting put a plastic bag over your hand, then grasp the handle of the paint stand.

  • After painting, place the car on the paint stand base, and locate the base in an area free of dust and wind.

1The wires on the Paint Stand are sized for BSA, PineCar, MV, and other car kits. Since Awana axles are of a larger diameter, for kits with Awana axle slots, you will need to enlarge the diameter of the wire by wrapping scotch tape around the wire 3 or 4 times.

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