Pinewood Derby Wheel Bearings

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If you are looking for a superior performance in an outlaw-type pinewood derby race, or you would like to build a challenge car that is difficult to beat, then our pinewood derby wheel bearings are what the doctor ordered! When used with BSA Wheels, or other wheels, the bearings will provide outstanding car performance.


Wheel Preparation
  1. Use a machine lathe to square the inside hub to the wheel bore.

  2. Use a machine lathe to enlarge the bore to 3/16 inch. Make sure the bearing has a snap fit into the wheel.

  Prepare the Wheel and Bearing
  1. Wipe off the edge of the bearings with a Q-Tip, or a soft clean rag.

  2. Clean the hub area of the wheels with rubbing alcohol.

  3. Test fit a bearing into a wheel hub


  1. Clamp the axle/bearing assembly in place with a vise or clamp, or use the Pro-Axle Press to hold the axle in place. Clamp the long end of the axle, leaving the short end exposed.

  2. Partially insert the bearing into the wheel.

  3. With the tip of a round toothpick, apply a very thin bead of epoxy to the side of the bearing against the flange - J-B Kwik (available at any hardware or home store) works quite well.

    Caution - Do not apply excess glue. There is no refund for bearings fouled by glue.

  Test and Dry
  1. Press the wheel fully onto the bearing.

  2. Gently test spin the wheel. If it spins true, set it aside to dry with the short part of the axle facing downwards.

  3. If the wheel does not spin true, press the wheel firmly onto the bearing, and retest.

  4. For best results, allow the epoxy to dry for 24 hours.

  1. The bearings are pre-lubed. If desired, you may add a drop of light-weight oil such as sewing machine oil, 3-in-1, etc. to each bearing after the glue has dried. Do not over lube as the excess oil will leak onto the wheels.

  2. Press the axle into the car body (3/32 inch axle holes are required). Use our gap gauge to set the gap between the wheel bearing and the car body.

  3. To remove the wheel/axle/bearing assembly from the car body, with pliers grasp the axle protruding from the wheel. Gently twist and pull. For wider wheels the axle will not be exposed. Enlarge the outer bore to allow the insertion of needle nose pliers.

Technical Information

Part Material Outside Diameter Inside Diameter RPM Rating Lubricant
Bearing Chrome Steel 3/16 inch 3/32 inch 97,000 Light-weight oil
Axle Tool Steel 3/32 inch N/A N/A N/A

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