Pinewood Derby Car Kit

Extended Wheelbase

The Vaccinator is a wicked-looking car, with great balance and aerodynamics. At just 5/16 inch thick, the Vaccinator easily slips down the track, producing top results.

The Vaccinator Kit includes a pre-cut and drilled pine block, tungsten weight, and instructions. The tungsten canopy supplies most of the weight, while weight pockets are located under the car for trim weighting. Wheels and axles are not included, so use the wheels and axles supplied by your club or order them separately.

The kit is equipped with an extended wheel base, with precision-drilled axle holes located at an extended position. The holes are drilled with a #44 bit (fits BSA axles). One front axle hole is slightly raised so that the car will ride on three wheels (best performance).

The following standard options are available:

  1. Drilled axle holes, 4 wheels on the ground - add $1.00

  2. Drilled axle holes for Awana axles (3/32" bit) - add $1.00

The Vaccinator in the photo sports a custom paint job by Liquid Illusions.

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