RA Racer Speed Wheels (4) & Stock Axles (4)

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If you are racing in a Royal Ambassador (RA) event, then these RA Racer wheels have been trued, narrowed, and lightened for maximum performance! A set of stock RA Racer nail axles are included. Please check your local rules as these wheel modifications may not be allowed in some RA Races.

If you are looking for wheels for an “Outlaw Race”, then please Click Here.


Reach Maximum Velocity in Your RA Race!

Are you looking for an edge in your RA® race? Then look no further! These RA Racer Pinewood Derby Speed wheels are perfectly round and smooth to give you a fast ride. In addition, the wheels are narrowed and lightened.

Comparison of an RA Racer Speed Wheel With a Stock Wheel


  • Round and smooth wheels roll faster than standard wheels.
  • The weight reduction provides a faster start, and improves the balance of the wheel for a smoother ride.
  • The narrower profile eliminates the problem of the sidewall contacting the body of the car.

From Randy:
"These RA Racer Wheels eliminate the common problem of the wheel's sidewalls rubbing against the car body."


The RA Racer Speed Wheels can be used without any additional preparation. However, the following steps can be performed for additional speed:

  • Cone the Inside Hub - Form a cone on the inside wheel hub with the Pro-Hub tool. Click here for more information.
  • Polish the Bore - Polish the wheel bore with Wheel Bore Polish. Click here for more information.

Technical Information

Wheel Diameter: 1.198 ± 0.001 (Raw Wheels: 1.213 to 1.223)

Wheel Bore ID: 0.101 minimum

Wheel Weight: 1.5 grams/wheel (Raw Wheels: 3.0 grams/wheel)

Additional information

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