Pro Viper Stainless Steel Axles (4)


CNC machined axles formed to resemble Cub Scout axles, but with a two-step shaft for a good fit with axle slots or holes, and an excellent fit with the wheel. The axles have a beveled head, no burrs or crimps marks, and are made from a high quality stainless steel for increased strength, and reduced friction. These axles are ready to enhance performance when used with Cub Scout/BSA, MV, PineCar, Awana, and other wheels.

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Have a need for pinewood derby performance? Try our Pro Stainless Steel Axles! These axles are precision, CNC-machined for top performance. They are equipped with a two-step, straight, round, and smooth shaft, and a slightly tapered head to reduce wheel-to-axle contact.

The two step shaft provides a good fit with BSA, PineCar, Awana, and MV wheels, while simplifying installation into the block. In addition no preparation is required as there are NO BURRS OR CRIMP MARKS, and the axles have a smooth hard finish.


  • Burrs and crimp marks are not present, eliminating tedious work.
  • The axle head is slightly beveled to minimize contact with the outside wheel hub, and accurately replicates the head of a BSA nail.
  • The axle shaft is formed to a high tolerance, ensuring top performance.
  • The two-step axle shaft includes an oversized section to minimize wheel wobble, and a standard diameter section for easy block mounting.
  • The superior stainless steel provides a smooth hard surface. No preparation is required.(1)
  • The Viper axles have two grooves on the axle shaft to minimize contact with the wheel bore.


Pro Stainless Steel Axles substitute for official BSA, PineCar, and other nail type axles.(2) However, while these axles closely resemble BSA axles, they are not the official nail, and are not exact replicas.

Technical Information

  • Shaft Diameter: .088 inch ± 0.0005 and .093 inch ± 0.0005 (BSA: 0.088 ± 0.002)
  • Head Diameter: .208 inch ± 0.0005 (BSA: 0.208 ± 0.004)
  • Shaft Length: 1 inch (BSA: Same)
  • Material: Stainless Steel (BSA: Zinc-coated steel)

(1) These axles will perform well with no preparation. However, if desired, you can use Diamond Polish to improve the shine.

(2) The Pro Stainless Steel Axles are not intended for use with our Outlaw Wheels

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