Pro-Bore Polisher & Wheel Bore Polish


The Pro-Bore Polisher is used with Wheel Bore Polish to polish the bore of wheels with large hubs, such as Royal Ranger/S&W wheels.

For wheels with smaller bores, including BSA, PineCar, Outlaw and MV wheels, use the Wheel Bore Polish with a pipe cleaner.

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Virtually all pinewood derby molds are made through an injection molding process. This process leaves the wheel bore with a rough surface and with bits of plastic debris.

The Pro-Bore Polisher will improve the speed of your car by reducing friction inside the wheel bore.

  1. Eliminates plastic debris and minimizes flaws inside the wheel bore
  2. Polishes the wheel bore to a high shine
  3. Includes industrial-quality plastic polish

The Pro-Bore Polisher is effective on wheels from Awana, and many others. It is less effective on wheels with large bores such as those used on Royal Ranger/S&W kits. Do not use the Pro-Bore Polisher tool on BSA wheels, MV Wheels, PineCar Wheels or Outlaw Wheels. Instead, use a pipe cleaner and the bore polish without the tool.

In addition to the Pro-Bore Polisher, a pipe cleaner (supplied), 1 micron plastic polish (supplied), a hand drill, and a clamp are required.

To polish, follow the instructions below. Click on any of the small pictures to view a larger picture.

Pro-Bore Tool Usage Instructions

Caution - Some polish may be thrown when the drill is running, so wear eye protection, old clothes, and cover any sensitive equipment on either side of the pipe cleaner.

Tool in Drill


  1. Clamp the hand drill to a work surface using a clamp. Do not use a Dremel-type tool as the RPM is too high.
  2. Insert the solid shaft of the Pro-Bore Polisher into the chuck of the drill.
  3. Cut a piece of pipe cleaner 1-1/4 inch long.
  4. Slide the pipe cleaner between the two prongs of the tool. Make sure that the pipe cleaner is centered between the prongs.



  1. Apply a small amount of polish to the pipe cleaner. Spread the polish onto the entire pipe cleaner surface.
  2. Slide a wheel onto the pipe cleaner and over the tool. If the fit is tight, use a pair of pliers to squeeze the prongs of the tool together as the wheel is slid onto the tool. NOTE: If the bore of the wheel is too small for the tool, remove the tool from the chuck of the drill and insert a piece of pipe cleaner into the chuck of a drill. Then polish the wheel.
  3. Hold the wheel and start the drill on a slow to medium speed.
  4. Move the wheel back and forth on the tool for 5 to 10 seconds.
  5. Slide the wheel off the tool onto the pipe cleaner and polish for an additional 5 seconds.
  6. Remove the wheel and stop the drill.
  7. Repeat steps 5 to 10 for the other wheels.

Important - Do not slide the wheel onto the Pro-Bore Polisher while the drill is running.


  1. Wash the wheels in water, using a clean portion of the pipe cleaner to scrub inside the bore.
  2. Dry the wheels. A dry portion of pipe cleaner can be used to dry inside the wheel bore.

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