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The Pro-Body Slotter is a cutting guide that provides an accurate way to cut new slots on your pinewood derby block. The slots can be cut at the standard wheelbase position, the extended wheelbase position, or a custom wheelbase position.

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Axle Mounting Accuracy = Greater Speed!

For top speed, axle slots must be absolutely square to the car body and parallel to each other. Unfortunately, many blocks do not have accurately cut slots. But that has all changed. Now anyone can create accurate axle slots with only a hacksaw and two blades.

Introducing the Pro-Body Slotter, a precision-machined, aluminum device that will improve the speed of your pinewood derby car through accurate axle mounting. The Pro-Body Slotter creates slots that fit BSA, MV, Pinecar, and other kits with nail type axles measuring approximately .087 inch in diameter.

To use the Pro-Body Slotter, follow the instructions included with the kit, or the instructions given below. Click on any of the small pictures to view a larger picture.


  1. A Hacksaw with two blades is required to use the tool (not included).
  2. A small Square is required to use the tool (not included).
  3. A small hex key is required to adjust the tool (included).

 From Randy:
"Now you can easily change the wheelbase on your pinewood derby block and still have accurate slots."

Pro-Body Slotter Usage Instructions

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Identity Parts

Identity Parts and Test Fit

  1. Test fit the tool on the bottom of the block with the "ears" positioned on the sides of the block. If the tool will not fit onto the block, use coarse grit sandpaper to reduce the width of the block until the tool fits snuggly. If the tool is loose, the fit can be tightened by placing a piece of paper, folded as needed, between the block and the "ear" with the set screw.

Mark the Block and
Position the Tool

Mark the Block

  1. Using a square to draw a straight line on the side of the block (opposide the set screw) at the desired axle slot location. Mark for both the front and rear slots.

Position the Tool

  1. Place the tool over the block, aligning the index mark with one of the pencil marks. Use the hex key to tighten the set screw enough to hold the tool on the block. Do not overtighten. The set screw will make an indent in the block which can be patched with wood filler (it will be hidden behind the wheel).

Cut the Slot

Install Blades

  1. Install two blades on the hacksaw frame - 24 teeth per inch blades are recommended. Install the blades in opposite directions to each other.

Cut the Slot

  1. Place the blades into the slot on the tool and gently saw back and forth until the bottom of the slot in the tool is reached. Be careful to stop at the bottom of the slot in the tool to prevent excess tool wear and so that the slot is not cut too deep.

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