Pinewood Derby Memory – My Car

A couple of years ago I purchased a derby kit from a hobby store. It was not a BSA certified kit. I bought it because the car was already shaped – nothing but painting and assembly required. Well, the kit came with unified axles, one for the front, one for the rear. I did not know this was illegal for our race.
My son did a great job decorating and assembling his car. But when the weigh-in came, obviously we were disqualified. We were given about an hour to bring the car into compliance. I brought it home, ripped out the axles (it was not pretty), cut them in two with a hack saw, and then super-glued them back in. That was the BIG mistake; the glue got on the wheels and, well, the car never did make it all the way down the track.
Of course, before the weigh in it was MY SON’s car, but after the disaster he let me know what a lousy job I did on MY CAR!
Well, this year, we’re using a BSA approved kit and HE’s doing the work on HIS CAR!
(His younger brother is still getting too much help from dad.)
Frank Hines
Lynnfield, MA
From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 4, Issue 3
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