Pinewood Derby Car Showcase – August 20, 2015

Speed Racer – Mike McBride

I have dozens of cars, some built for speed some just to look at. This car was designed after the Speed Racer Mach 5. It has not been raced yet. It is wider than BSA specs, but will be raced in a modified class that we do with our church’s men’s group every year.
Winged Rail – Rick Ellis

This car raced in our church’s 2009 Awana Grand Prix. It got the award for best workmanship and finished fourth for speed in the Open Division. It weighed exactly 5.00 ounces on the entry scale and has three wheelson the ground. This was my second derby. I took first in the Open Division last year and second overall. I don’t mind finishing fourth as I helped build the other three cars.
Commodore Outlaw – Bill Klingler

This car is radio controlled, and will cover the track in a bit over a second. I can run it fast or slow. I can also throw it into reverse and back it up the track. It’s great fun to stop it on the track, wait for a gravity car to pass, and then do a burn-out and pass the other car.
The electronics are from the Losi Mini-T RC car. The motor is an upgraded one over the one that comes with the Mini-T, and the drivetrain is built from slot car parts. It uses a 7.2V Nickel Metal hydride battery. The body is from a car kit.
From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 9, Issue 1
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