Pinewood Derby Memory – Crowd Favorite

Last year my son was a Bear and it was our third year competing in the pinewood derby. After talking with him, he decided he wanted to build a really fast car but wanted to have “Sponge Bob” involved in it somehow. The previous years he had done okay winning his Tiger level and placing third in his Wolf level.
So we ordered some of your speed supplies and we went to work. We kept the car design simple, just a slightly modified wedge. We pirated some parts from one of those mini remote control cars you can get at Radio Shack and added them to the car.
The best part was when the racing started all of the Scouts (this is no exaggeration) began chanting “Sponge Bob – Sponge Bob – Sponge Bob” every time his car raced. To watch his eyes when this happened was magical. My son is a little shy and to have everyone cheering for him was a real surprise to him.
He raced 9 different times last year and never lost a race. There was only one car faster but it was disqualified (the wheel base was extended and the wheels were shaped) so he won the overall and the Bear level.
I really would not have cared if he came in last because he was the center of attention for a short period. He really didn’t care how the car did either; he was just tickled to be that popular.
This is what scouting and pinewood derby is all about – working together to build a car and create a great memory.
David Brymer
From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 4, Issue 8
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