Our Pinewood Derby Moment

Well, we got our car kits two weeks before the race. This was our son’s first pinewood derby race. We worked as a team: Son, Mom, Dad. Even the man at the hobby shop helped. We went there every day to weigh our cars. As soon as we walked in the door they got out the little electronic scale and put it on the counter for us to use. He even helped with ideas when we were over our weight limit.
We sanded, drilled, primed, and painted. We hollowed, puttied, buffed, and glazed. We weighed, wet sanded, and reweighed again.
Finally the big day was near. Tomorrow was the race: ready, set, go! Well when morning came so did the snow . And snow it did. About 10 A.M. the phone rang. It was our den leader and the race was canceled. It was a white out. We would have to wait one more month. Our big day was delayed 4 more weeks!
In scouting you just never know what lesson you will learn, but believe me you will learn something. If my scouting family learned one thing about the pinewood derby, it was patience.
Brenda Puntel
p.s. One cracked car, one can of wood putty, and one ten year-old; when left unattended spells T R O U B L E !
From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 4, Issue 11
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