The Pinewood Derby Prayer

After I read your newsletter that was forwarded to me by a friend, I felt a need to share a special Pinewood Derby moment in my oldest son’s life. When my son was a Webelos II in Pack 169 in Egham, England, our Cubmaster, Glenn Brace, wrote a Pinewood Derby poem that he read prior to our Derby race. I feel the poem says it all.
The Pinewood Derby Prayer
Hey God, we ask you to draw near
And bless the boys who gather here.
This is the day they’ve waited for
Their blocks of wood are blocks no more.
Plastic wheels and dime store nails
Become the stuff of sporting tales
Of finishes too close to see!
You’re here for every victory.
You bless the winners in their joy
But there’s another kind of boy
Whose handiwork is blessed by you
Because his hands tried something new.
You smile upon the crooked wheel,
The paint job done with boyish zeal,
The splintered car, the sloppy glue.
You love the work that Your sons do.
But there is one here in this place
Who shows the greatness of Your grace.
He is the boy who hasn’t won
But when he hears the starting gun
He’s there to cheer his fellow scouts
His are the loudest victory shouts.
And when his brothers haven’t won,
He’s just the one to say “well done,
You’ve tried your best and you’ve had fun,
There are more races to be run.”
And so, dear God, we hear you say
Upon this happy Derby Day,
“Remember, whether best or worst,
Remember, you are brothers first.”
Glenn Brace
Cubmaster, Pack 169
Submitted by:
Pam Pender
Tiger Den Leader, Pack 52
Troop Committee Member, Troop 52
Morgantown, West Virginia
From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 5, Issue 1
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