Pinewood Derby Car Showcase – October 5, 2012

Soccer – Mike Parrish

Here is my daughter’s last official Awana entry. She will be too old to race in the Awana competition next year. She did everything on this car except truing the wheels, molding the lead and cutting the block on the band saw. We had a great time building this one. She actually would come up and tell me it was time to go down to the basement and work on it. She got 1st Place for speed and 1st Place for original design. It was a great way to end our competition (onto the open classes). She loves to play soccer, but will miss one game as the state Grand Prix is on the same day.

Cheese Block & Surf Board – Daniel Nagel

Here is a picture of the cars my son and I did a few years back for one of our Royal Ranger derbies. We both decided that we were getting tired of making the same type of cars and went with these different cars. The cheese block was my car and the surf board was my son’s idea. He was a little young at the time so I had to help him implement the idea. Back then we raced at 6 ounces instead of 5 like we do now. You wouldn’t believe how hard it was to get 6 ounces in that thin little surf board – there’s more lead than wood!

Zack’s Car – Dwight Endersbe

Here is a picture of my grandson’s (Zack) 1st Place winner (den, pack, and district). We raced on a 45 foot aluminum track, with MPH used to determine the winners. We did it in 8.243 MPH. Zack is a first year Webelo, so we have two more cars to make.
From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 5, Issue 4
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