Pinewood Derby Tips

By Michael Uretsky
Tip #1 – Always build two cars at a time. Why?
1. Requires an early start well in advance of race day (Always a good thing).
2. Teaches the child to be prepared in case there are “mess ups”.
3. Allows for a better selection of wheels and axles (you need to prepare more than 4 – we usually prepare four sets).
4. Allows for alignment issues if one car is off slightly.
5. Allows for creativity and experimentation.
6. Keeps your child engaged, as there is always a part of one of the cars he can work on while you are power tooling the other.
Tip #2 – When using wood filler, to get a smoother finish with less sanding dip your finger in water and rub the filled area. This will produce a smooth finish and minimize the need for sanding.
Tip #3 – Schedule a regular time each week for you and your child to work on the cars together. We call it ‘Shop Time’. My son truly looks forward to this time, as it’s just the guys hanging out in the shop! Usually we tune in to sports radio and listen to ‘Reds Sox’ talk or (3 time Super Bowl Champs) New England Patriots talk while working on the cars.
From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 5, Issue 8
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