Pinewood Derby Car Showcase – March 26, 2013

Viper – Bruce Edney

The Viper design is based on the Lola B08/86 Mazda MZR-R coupe which
raced in the American Le Mans Series LMP2 class at Petit Le Mans in
October 2009. This car raced in the 2012 Mid-America Pinewood Derby,
and the PWDR and WIRL racing leagues.
Flower Power – Brian Masek

The Flower car is a Stealth that I built to improve my building
skills. I actually built two Stealths so I gave one to Shelli, my
wife, who is very creative. I built it, primed it and gave it to her
to do whatever she wanted. This is what she came up with and it
looked great! It got 2nd place in the “family” race.
Sky News – Brian Masek

The Sky News Van was my personal project for last year so that I
would have something to work on myself and meddle less with the boy’s
cars. I saw a YouTube video of a video car that someone else had
made, but they just put a camera on a block and didn’t do anything
special with the design. So I decided to try to make a remote TV truck
with a working video camera. The truck is not legal for races (it’s
slightly too large, and with the camera and 9V battery is very
overweight), but it is actually designed to be slow anyway. I bent the
axles so that all other cars would pass it and would be captured on
the video. At our derby race last year we set it facing the finish
line of the race track which allowed the adults to watch the races on
a large TV. Then at the end of the race we ran it down the track.
Stealth GT – Doug Burgess

The Stealth GT is camouflaged with a GT body. My son Jack built the
Stealth car, while I built the GT body that covers it. The Stealth
car won the pack championship this weekend.
From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 12, Issue 13
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