Pinewood Derby Car Showcase – April 30, 2013

Strawberry Shortcake – Randy West

The Strawberry Shortcake car was the idea of my little girl, who is four years old. The car had a head from one of her dolls that was hard to part with, but we finally came to an agreement. Her car was FAST. The girls could only race for fun, but my little girl’s car won all three races.
The Bandit – Ross & Tyler Bragg

The Bandit, a Speeder design from Maximum Velocity, was the overall pack winner. It weight exactly five ounces, runs on three wheels, has ‘perfect’ balance, and is equipped with matching wheels, and polished speed axles.
Fire Truck – Jim Mason

My Tiger Cub wanted to make another fire truck for his pinewood derby car this year. After two previous years in the Sibling Division with a fire truck, we decided to ‘make it a go’ again. We had watched the TLC channel show, “Overhaulin'” together, so I suggested we design a fire truck and make it look like a hot rod. We went on the Internet and found a photo of a 1946 Ford Fire truck and we were off and running. The light on his truck does work when it rolls down the hill; and other than wood, there is little weight added. We cut the side pieces and saved the new top from the rear cut, and then we glued it all together and painted it. The car (truck) looks great, but I wish we would have taken more time filling in with wood filler. My son loved the design and even won a trophy at our pack race. He then took third in the Tiger Division at District, along with Best Design. He was thrilled!
From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 5, Issue 15
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