Pinewood Derby Car Showcase – July 18, 2013

Pantera – Sean McLaughlin

This is my cool Pantera that I ran in last year’s Awana Grand Prix. My Dad carved it but I sanded it and painted most of it. The wing is balsa and the sides are pine that I glued to the Awana block. I didn’t win in the design contest but did come in third in the speed contest.

Kranston Wedges – Gary Kranston

In my daughter’s Adventure Guide race, the electronic finish line once again did not work, so two spotters were used on our six lane track. There were, understandably, some incorrect decisions on the close races, so one of the dads used his digital camcorder on each race so the results could be reviewed. After beating the same car easily in three heat races, we finished 2nd in the final heat when our car raced in lane 6, the slowest lane all day (it was so close we reviewed the video three times to confirm the winner – we’ll have to investigate what is wrong with that lane for next year).
My son’s green car participated in the local district Cub Scout pinewood derby. Out of eight cars entered for the Bear rank, his car finished 2nd, losing only to the eventual overall winner. Out of 56 total cars entered, we finished 4th, missing 3rd place by only 1/1000th of a second!
Father/Son Cars – Jamie Hill

This is the first year my son was in Awana. It came time for the grand prix, so I wanted to design a car in a late model style with the wheels under the body. As you can see I achieved my goal (left car). My son (age 4) wanted a race car painted blue and with sharks on it (right car). Sad to say neither of us won a race (and I didn’t place for speed or design), but to my delight my son’s car took 3rd in speed and 1st in design. We left the race with our heads held high, as we were proud of our father/son effort.
From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 6, Issue 6
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