Pinewood Derby Car Showcase – January 14, 2014

Cyc’s Factory Special – Bruce Edney

This car is built from a Stock Car kit and was raced with It came in second in the April race. (My other
Stock Car took first place in the same race, but it is not as good
looking! Looks don’t mean it will be fast!)
Awana Cars – Terry Walker

Here are our three cars from our Awana race this year. “1 Cross, 3
Nails, 4 Ever” used balsa to create the top design. “Two Face” used a
Hot Wheels car for part of the weight. The middle car, “Hydro” was my
first attempt at using PVC to create the cover to hide the weights.
Hydro was the fastest car, but all three designs were fun and
functional. My boys had a blast and are already talking about next
Hammer Head – Charles Mott

We made this little shark so small and streamlined that even after
hollowing out the body and filling it with lead, it weighed only 3.5
ounces. So, we made the dorsal fin entirely out of lead. A hole was
drilled and tapped on the bottom of the fin. A threaded rod was
screwed into the fin, then ran through the body and secured with a nut
under the car.
In my son’s first heat the sensor at the end of the track
malfunctioned – TWICE! His car beat the other three easily on the
first two runs, and then came in a close 2nd on the third when they
finally got the sensor working. So, his overall average would have
been even lower than 2.42 if his first two runs had counted. Since he
still placed first after all heats were done, I didn’t complain much!
From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 13, Issue 8
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