Pinewood Derby Memory – Mrs. Bubba’s Do’s and Don’ts

Do – put a towel down to catch paint / sawdust / graphite when using the  Dining Room table as a base of operations.
Don’t – make it a “good” towel (you know the ones).
Do – use any smelly products (Paint, certain adhesives) outside so as not to “funk up” the house.
Don’t – bring wet cars back into the kitchen to dry. Especially don’t suspend them from the kitchen cabinet handles with a piece of wire.
Do – find a spot in the basement / garage for your workshop equipment.
Don’t – hide out there for hours on end with the door closed so that you aren’t able to hear her when she calls for you.
Do – build your wife a sweet Open Class car to her specifications.
Don’t – beat her car yearly in the Open Class.
Do – clean up and put everything away when you are done.
Don’t – clutter up the living room with derby kits, priority mail shipping boxes from Maximum Velocity, printouts of DerbyTalk posts, etc. Especially don’t clutter up the fireplace mantle with “in process” cars that you’re leaving there for inspiration.
Do – share with her stories about heartwarming derby triumphs (e.g., she appreciated “MOM Derby’s” success this year and thinks all you guys are sweet for helping her and her boy out).
Don’t – share with her stories about technical derby triumphs (e.g., new tools – she is not warm towards arcane derby details and/or subtle sales pitches).
Do – allow your younger ones to watch “Down and Derby” – mine think it’s hilarious.
Don’t – allow them to badger their mother about watching it again and again.
Do – clean up any used strips of sandpaper after polishing axles in the drill press.
Don’t – use her pizza scissors (or any other good scissors for that matter) to cut the aforementioned strips of sandpaper.
By Rick Sanner (Go-Bubba-Go on the DerbyTalk Forum)
Originally published on the DerbyTalk Forum
Used by Permission
From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 7, Issue 3
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