Pinewood Derby Car Showcase – February 11, 2014

Chicago-style – Charles Baum

Thought you might be interested in my latest creation – a Chicago- style hot dog car. The bun was formed from a standard block with a block scrap glued on to the top. Fender wells were then drilled and the block cut in half for the top and bottom buns. The hot dog was
cut from a 1 x 2 and formed into shape. The buns were shaped with a plane and sander. The relish was small cut pieces of wood mixed in with plaster and green paint. The mustard was yellow paint and plaster. The onion pieces, tomatoes and pepper were cut and formed from small pieces of wood. The only thing that is “real” are the poppy
Barracuda – Christopher Dominy

Once again we have prepared a beautiful car and I’m sure it will be blazing fast as always. We used your Barracuda design.
Driving Me Bananas – Derik Anderson

“Driving Me Bananas”, is a craft car that 10 year old Derik Anderson built with his dad for the Boy Pioneer’s group in Plover, Wisconsin. It has an ape in a cage with a stick driving a truck load of bananas. On the back of the truck we made a decal that says “No Green Bananas”.
From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 13, Issue 10
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