Pinewood Derby Car Showcase – April 4, 2014

Vector – William Jenkins

This car was built for an adult Pinewood Derby to benefit the United Way. It was based on the Maximum-Velocity Vector with slight modifications. The derby rules did not allow outlaw wheels and the wheels could not have the inside lettering removed so this car used Ultralight Speed Wheels on polished grooved axles. It came in first place out of fifteen cars entered and never lost a heat.
Stealth – William Jenkins

This car was my second entry in the United Way benefit derby. It was based on the Maximum-Velocity Stealth This car also used Ultralight Speed Wheels on polished non-grooved BSA speed axles. The car came in second place to my other entry.

Oilers – Nathan Paul

This is my son Brenden Paul’s car from Pack 954 in Tulsa, OK. This was his Scout division car that took 5th place on race day. While it didn’t win, the project was a fun one since Brenden painted it to represent the local CHL hockey team, the Tulsa Oilers. Our family sponsors one of the players and Brenden was lucky enough to get him to sign it before race day.
Panthers – Nathan Paul

My son ran this car in the open class for pack 954 in Tulsa, OK. You can see his love for the NFL theme, and the body design is one that has served us both well in years past. The car took second place in the race.
From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 13, Issue 13
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