Pinewood Derby Car Showcase – December 11, 2015

Today’s cars were submitted by Stacy Bodder.
Raspberry Rocket – Lydia Bodder

My daughter called this one the Raspberry Rocket, and so it was. It received first in speed.
Crazy Fast – Lydia Bodder

This car that my daughter and I made together was crazy fast. She went on to the regional races where she took first place there as well. Simple design, but it works!
Peterbilt – Isaac Bodder

My son and I had lots of fun with this one. It was made to look like a Peterbilt Daycab which I had been driving at the time. It was pretty fast, but didn’t take first place. It did get best in show. The smoke stack broke off during the race. Fun times.

IMSA GTP – Isaac Bodder

This was the first pinewood derby car my son and I ever built. It was the start of some fun years building cars together. This car was made to look like an IMSA GTP car from the late 80’s. It took first place in speed even though it had a very short wheelbase.
From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 15, Issue 2
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