Super Stock Wheels
for Pinewood Derby Cars
by DerbyWorx

If you are looking for a superior set of high-performance wheels for a race requiring stock wheels of no particular brand, then you've found them. These wheels by DerbyWorx are one of the fastest stock-width wheels on the market today!


  • Easy to Use - These wheels are ready to roll. No preparation required!

  • Top Performance - Precision-machined from the raw material (not injection-molded like most wheels) to provide excellent precision in all dimensions for smooth, fast, and straight runs.

  • Fast Starts - Very light weight for the fastest starts possible.

  • Minimal Friction from Car Body - Pre-beveled hubs minimize contact with the axle head and car body.

  • Well-balanced - Machined from Delrin for uniform density throughout.

  • Computer Designed - To provide the maximum mechanical advantage over axle friction.


These wheels are ready to roll - just lube and go. Do not sand the tread surface as this may detract from performance.

Figure 1
Outside View

Figure 2
Inside View
Technical Information

Wheel Diameter Tread Contact Width Overall Hub Diameter Wheel Bore ID Wheel Weight Material
1.200" 0.310" 0.150 0.092 ~1.7 grams Delrin

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