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Pinewood Derby

> New Products
For the 2017-18 season.

> Speed to the Finish!
The most complete source for pinewood derby speed tips and techniques on the market today!

> Kits & Blocks
Pre-cut pinewood derby car kits, blocks, bulk kits, and more.

> Wheels & Axles
Speed wheels, speed axles, competition components, and more!

> Pinewood Derby Weight
Tungsten, lead, and steel weight for your pinewood derby car.

> Specialty Tools
Unique and innovative tools to get the maximum speed from your car!

> Speed Supplies
Pinewood derby polishing supplies, lubes, and more!

> Pinewood Car Plans
Detailed car plans, with templates and step-by-step instructions.

> Decals, Etc.
Decals, Body Skins, pinstriping, and more!

> Pinewood Accessories
Accessories, finishing supplies, paint stencils, DerbyDome, and more!

> Race Management
Pinewood derby software, gauges, and more!

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Get great deals!

> Free Speed Tips
Learn the Five Keys to Pinewood Derby Speed!

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Recommendations to get you started on the right track!

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Identify your kit type and find out how our products apply.

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Answers to the most asked questions.

Race Management

Wheel Go/No-Go Gauge Car Inspection Gauge
RaceFX - Sound Effects Software GrandPrix Race Manager - Race Management Software

Wheel Go/No-go Gauge

Accurate and Consistent Compliance with Wheel Standards

Our Wheel Go/No-go gauge will help you improve your race by providing a consistent and quick way to inspect pinewood derby wheels while the wheels are mounted on the car. The gauge measures:
  • Wheel Diameter - Accurately and quickly verifies compliance with a 1.170 inch or a 1.180 inch wheel diameter specification.

  • Wheel Width - Verifies quickly and accurately whether the wheel complies with a .320 or a .360 overall wheel width. These measurements correspond to a 7mm and 8mm tread patch width on most wheels.

  • Material - Anodized aluminum with etched text.

Click on a picture to view a larger picture and more information about the product.

Wheel Go-No go
Click Here for More Information
Wheel Go/No-go Gauge

In Stock
  From Randy:
"When wheel compliance is checked with a digital caliper, accuracy and consistency suffer due to too much (or too little) pressure on the thumb wheel, not measuring square to the wheel, and only measuring at one spot on the wheel. All of these issues are eliminated with our Wheel Go/No-go Gauge."

Car Inspection Gauge

Speed up your pinewood derby race inspection and make it consistent!

Our Car Inspection Gauge will help you improve your race by providing a consistent and quick way to inspect each pinewood derby car. The gauge measures:
  • Car Dimensions - If the car fits fully inside the gauge (with the door closed), then the car meets the standard dimension limits of:
    - 2-3/4 inches maximum width,
    - 7 inches maximum length,
    - 1-3/4 inches minimum wheel spacing, and
    - 3, 4, or 5 inches maximum height (adjustable).

  • Underbody Clearance - If the bottom of the car clears the guide rail then the car meets the 3/8 inch minimum underbody clearance.

  • Wheelbase Length - If your organization has restrictions on wheelbase length, you can mark those limits on the base of the gauge.

  • Start Pin - Verifies that no part of the car extends past the starting pin.

  • Click on a picture to view a larger picture and more information about the product.

    Go-No go
    Click Here for More Information
    Car Inspection Gauge

      From Randy:
    "I have personally used this gauge at several race inspections. It not only greatly speeds up the inspection process, but it also applies the race rules without bias. Parents cannot argue if the car doesn't fit in the gauge."

    Sound Effects Player
    Now Shipping Version 7.0


    RaceFX Sound Effects Player

    License Only
    In Stock
      From Randy:
    "RaceFX will add a lot of excitement and 'atmosphere' to your event. We hook up a laptop into our sound system, and assign a parent or teen helper to play the sounds as appropriate.

    Here is one trick we learned: If you get a hum in the sound, either run the laptop on batteries, or plug the laptop into a 3-prong to 2-prong AC adaptor. The hum comes from a ground problem, and this adapter eliminates the issue."
    Add excitement to your pinewood derby event with sound effects!

    RaceFX™ is a simple-to-use yet powerful sound effects player. Easily installed and used on any PC1, RaceFX provides you with a large menu of sounds for use at your pinewood derby, raingutter regatta, space derby, and more! Simply click a sound to play!

    RaceFX has powerful features to give you the greatest flexibility:

    • Lots of Sounds - Plays an almost unlimited number of sound effect clips. You are only limited by the amount of screen space to display them.

    • Packaged Sounds - 75 different sound effects are provided free of charge with the player.2

    • Customizable Sound Buttons - Any of the sound buttons can be configured to play any WAV, MID, MP3, AIF, AIFF, AU, or WMA sound files that you have. You can also replace any of the button images with BMP, GIF, ICO, JPG, PNG or WMF images of your own.

    • Playing Sounds - Play any sound effect with a click of a mouse or the use of a keyboard shortcut. Keyboard shortcuts are customizable (with exception of the Dashboard screen).

    • Hide Sounds - Individual sound buttons can be hidden to limit the player to just the sounds that you intend to use at the time.

    • Loop Sounds - Continuously play a sound clip. Sound effect will repeat until you stop it or play another sound effect.

    • Overlap Sounds - You can play multiple sound clips simultaneously.

    • Customizable Shortcut Keys - Keyboard shortcuts to trigger a sound effect are configurable (with the exception of the Dashboard screen).

    Sound Categories
    • Customizable Categories - Create any number of sound categories. Any number of sounds can be added to a sound category.

    • Hide Categories - Only display the sound categories that you intend to use at the time.

    • Compact version of the main screen - It is fully re-sizable and customizable and can even stay on top of other programs, like our GrandPrix Race Manager software.

    • Data Files - You can create data files to store your configuration of categories and sounds. Create multiple data files, each tailored for a different purpose (e.g. one for Pinewood Derby, one for Space Derby, and one for Raingutter Regatta).

    • Remote Control - RaceFX can be used as a standalone application or in tandem with GrandPrix Race Manager (requires GrandPrix Race Manager Version 14.0 or above). You can set RaceFX to play a random sound effect at the start and/or end of a heat. Select which sound category to play the sound from. RaceFX and GrandPrix Race Manager can be run on the same computer or on two different networked computers.

    • Screen Background Color - You can further personalize RaceFX by changing the screen background color of the Main and Dashboard screens.

    • Adjust Volume/Balance - You have easy access to your PC's sound and balance controls to allow for quick adjustment.

    Downloadable License
    • Get it Fast - A license well be e-mailed to you.3

    RaceFX Screens - Click to Enlarge

    Main Screen

    Category Setup

    Sound Setup


    Interested? Then why not download the free demo. The demo shows the full interface but limits the number of sounds to 10. Then if you like it, purchase a license. The license key will be e-mailed to you, allowing you to enable RaceFX to its full capabilities.

    To download:

    Click Here to Download RaceFX

    After downloading, 'double-click' on the saved program (racefxv4_setup.exe) and follow the prompts to install and launch the program.

    1PC Requirements: 700 MHz Pentium III or better; 32 or 64 bit versions of Windows XP SP3, Vista SP2, 7, or 8; Internet Explorer 5.01 or above; Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1; Sound Card; 12 MB of hard drive space; Minimum 128 MB of RAM (256 MB or more recommended); Minimum 800x600 screen resolution.

    2The license fee is for the RaceFX Sound Effects Player. The sounds included with the download are royalty-free, and are provided for your convenience.

    3The license key is e-mailed within 24 hours of purchase.

    ™RaceFX is a trademark of Lisano Enterprises

    RaceFX Sound Effects Player

    License Only
    In Stock

    Grand Prix Race Manager
    Race Management Software
    Now Shipping Pro Version 17.0


    GrandPrix Race Manager Pro
    CD & License

    Out of Stock
    Make your race more organized, fair, and enjoyable,
    with a powerful race management package!

    GrandPrix Race Manager is a full-featured race management package for your pinewood derby, raingutter regatta, space derby, or similar race.1 GrandPrix Race Manager registers racers, creates race schedules, scores the race, and provides reports, all of which make your race more organized, more time-efficient, and more enjoyable for all.

    GrandPrix Race Manager has a full selection of customizable features to give you the greatest flexibility:

    • Adapts to Any Race Event - Customizable for racing cars, semi-trucks, Space Derby rockets, Raingutter Regatta boats, and more. Supports from 1 to 8 lanes of racing.

    • Easy to Use - The package guides the race official step-by-step through set-up, registration, racing, and reporting. You can check off each step as you go.

    • Simple Racer Registration - Manually enter racers or import racer information from an existing spreadsheet or database. Racers can choose their own car numbers, or they can be assigned by the race officials or the package itself.

    • Race Schedules

      • Supports most non-elimination methods such as Perfect-N, Stearns, Lane Rotation, Round Robin, and others. The package creates Perfect-N Type or Lane Rotation schedules; other schedules can be imported. You can even race without a schedule!
      • GrandPrix Race Manager now supports 'Dynamic Racing'. Racers are matched based on performance in earlier heats. This maximizes the number of racers to win at least one heat and also leads to closer races for racers at all levels. You can even race without schedules for ad-hoc racing.
      • DOES NOT support Single, Double or Triple Elimination - Here's why
    • Race Scoring - Score by total points or by cumulative, average or single fastest elapsed time. With time scoring, you can even ignore each racer's worst time. Points and Times can be entered manually or automatically via a timing system.

    • Hardware Supported - Supports all popular brands of start/finish line systems, and many custom systems. Also supports triggering a solenoid start gate and drag racing style start light "Christmas Tree".

    • Awards Management - You can define an unlimited number of Design, Special Speed or other awards and designate the winners of each. You can even print out awards and participation certificates!

    • Large Font Displays - Racing, On Deck, Standing, and Award screens are designed for display on a large TV or projection system for your audience to see.

    • Highly Customizable - Customize items like race organization, scoring method, report titles, lane labeling, sound effects buttons, track record information, displaying car speed, and more.

    • Reports - Numerous reports are provided to help you manage your entire race from race rosters to reports on results and race statistics. Reports can also be exported to various file formats.

    • Race Rounds - Run any number of rounds for each race group. You can also run a Grand Finals Round of the top finishers from each race group.

    • Tiebreakers - If you have a tie in the standings, you can apply a set of tiebreaker rules to break it without any further racing. You can also break the ties in head-to-head fashion.

    • Race Statistics - Detailed statistics are provided for racers, heat turnaround times, lane, and overall race statistics.

    • And much more...

    GrandPrix Race Manager - Racer Registration     GrandPrix Race Manager - Heat Results     GrandPrix Race Manager - Awards Certificates
    Sample Screenshots - Click to Enlarge

    Click here to download a demo version of GrandPrix Race Manager.
    1PC Requirements: 2.2 GHz or better CPU; Windows XP SP3, Vista SP2, 7, or 8; Internet Explorer 5.01 or above (You do not need to be connected to the Internet but this is needed for the Help system); Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1, 25 MB of hard drive space; 512 MB of RAM; Minimum 800x600 Screen Resolution;

    GrandPrix Race Manager is a trademark of Lisano Enterprises.
    GrandPrix Race Manager Pro
    CD & License

    Out of Stock

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