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For the 2017-18 season.

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The most complete source for pinewood derby speed tips and techniques on the market today!

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Pre-cut pinewood derby car kits, blocks, bulk kits, and more.

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Speed wheels, speed axles, competition components, and more!

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Tungsten, lead, and steel weight for your pinewood derby car.

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Unique and innovative tools to get the maximum speed from your car!

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Pinewood derby polishing supplies, lubes, and more!

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Detailed car plans, with templates and step-by-step instructions.

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Recommended Products

Make Your Pinewood Derby Car Go Fast!


Welcome to pinewood derby racing! Building and racing a pinewood derby car is a lot of fun, but is even more enjoyable if you build a car that is fast enough to win a trophy.
Five Keys
If you would like to find out how pinewood derby cars work, and the
5 Keys to Performance then
Click Here
We realize that the huge number of products available for building a pinewood derby car can be overwhelming. So, on this page we will help you select just what you need to build that fast car. But first you will need to answer two questions:
  1. Will you be building the car body from the wood block in your kit, or do you want to use a pre-shaped car body?

  2. Will you be preparing the wheels and axles in your kit, or do you want to purchase wheels and axles that have been prepared for you?

Car Built from Block
Wheels & Axles from Kit

If you want to do your own wood-working using the block from your kit, and if you plan to prepare the wheels and axles from your kit, then we recommend the following supplies:
  • Optional - Car Plan Booklet - Choose from one of the many booklets of plans that we offer.

  • Speed Tip Booklet - You get a discount when you purchase this booklet along with a Car Plan Booklet.

  • Advanced Speed Kit

  • Weight - If you are using one of our car plans, the required weight type will be identified in the car plan booklet (or click on the car photo on our website).

    If you are building your own design, the most versatile weight is the Tundra Rod

Car Built from Block
Prepared Wheels & Axles

If you want to do your own wood-working using the block from your kit, but you prefer to use prepared wheels and axles, then we recommend the following supplies:
Pre-shaped Car Body
Wheels & Axles from Kit

If you prefer to use a pre-shaped car body, but you plan to prepare the wheels and axles from your kit, then we recommend the following supplies:
Pre-shaped Car Body
Prepared Wheels & Axles

If you prefer to use a pre-shaped car body, and you wish to use prepared wheels and axles then we recommend the following supplies:

Tools to Give Your Car the Racer's Edge

The supplies recommended above will allow you to build a competitive car. However, there are additional tools and supplies you can use to improve speed. (Click On a Tool Name to Learn More About the Tool):

The Pro-Wheel Mandrel is used to hold a wheel in the chuck of a drill for polishing. The Pro-Wheel Mandrel is an upgraded version of the classic tool, and is equipped with a thumb screw, a beveled head to aid in centering, and a step face to simplify working on BSA wheels (included in the Advanced Speed Kit).

The Pro-Hub Tool ensures accurate rotation by squaring the wheel hub to the wheel bore, and reduces the wheel hub to car body braking effect by accurately and easily coning the inside wheel hub.

The Pro-Body Tool ensures accurate axle mounting by allowing you to drill accurate axle pilot holes into the existing axle slots, or create new axle holes with a hand drill. Versions are available for BSA, Awana, Royal Rangers, PineCar, and other kit types.

The Pro-Axle Guide ensures accurate axle insertion and proper wheel to car body spacing. As a bonus, this tool minimizes the risk of block damage when the axles are inserted.

The Pro-Axle Press is used to ensure straight and round axles (nail-type axles only).

The Pro-Wheel Shaver XT is used to accurately create round wheels (with a Wheel Mandrel, you can polish the wheel, but you cannot true the wheel). The Pro-Wheel Shaver XT removes a slight amount of tread material resulting in a perfectly round wheel.

The Pro-Bore Polisher is used to polish inside the wheel bore, thus reducing friction between the bore and the axle.

Brad Point Drills Bits greatly simplify drilling clean and accurate holes for inserting weights.

Spare Parts for Your Race

During the racing season, spare kits and wheels/axles can be difficult to locate. Click Here for Official Club Kits, and Wheels and Axles for BSA, PineCar, and Awana races.


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