Needle Axle Outlaw Wheels
for Pinewood Derby Racing
by DerbyWorx

Take advantage of the ultra-high performance of needle axles! These precision machined outlaw-style pinewood derby wheels and needle axles from DerbyWorx are one of the fastest wheels on the market.


This product contains:

  • Top Performance - Precision-machined from the raw material (not injection-molded like most wheels) to provide excellent precision in all dimensions for smooth, fast, and straight runs.

  • Less Surface Contact per Rotation - Our regular outlaw wheels have a linear contact between the wheel bore and the axle per revolution of .289 inches. Due to the smaller bore size, these needle wheels have a linear contact of 0.126 inches, a 56% reduction in surface contact per revolution. Over the course of a 32 foot track (actual distance traveled is about 27), this results in a reduction of over 44 inches of linear contact!

  • Fast Starts - Very light weight for the fastest starts possible.

  • Minimal Friction from Car Body - Pre-beveled hubs minimize contact with the axle head and car body.

  • Minimal Track Surface Friction - Extremely small contact patch minimizes track friction.

  • Minimal Lane Guide Friction - The wheel sides are beveled to minimize contact with the lane guide (see Figure 1).

  • Well-balanced - Machined from Delrin for uniform density throughout.

  • Computer Designed - To provide the maximum mechanical advantage over axle friction.


These wheels are ready to roll - just lube and go. Do not sand the tread surface as this may detract from performance. Make sure to mount the wheels with the "dish side" towards the car.

To prepare the car body, axle holes must be drilled with the supplied 1/32 inch drill bit. The holes must be drilled accurately, so use an accurate drill press, and drill slowly to minimize flexing of the drill bit.

Figure 1
Wheel Profile

Technical Information

Wheel Diameter Tread Contact Width Overall Hub Width Wheel Bore ID Wheel Weight Material
1.200" 0.025" 0.180 0.040 1.1 grams Delrin

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