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Pinewood Derby

> New Products
For the 2017-18 season.

> Speed to the Finish!
The most complete source for pinewood derby speed tips and techniques on the market today!

> Kits & Blocks
Pre-cut pinewood derby car kits, blocks, bulk kits, and more.

> Wheels & Axles
Speed wheels, speed axles, competition components, and more!

> Pinewood Derby Weight
Tungsten, lead, and steel weight for your pinewood derby car.

> Specialty Tools
Unique and innovative tools to get the maximum speed from your car!

> Speed Supplies
Pinewood derby polishing supplies, lubes, and more!

> Pinewood Car Plans
Detailed car plans, with templates and step-by-step instructions.

> Decals, Etc.
Decals, Body Skins, pinstriping, and more!

> Pinewood Accessories
Accessories, finishing supplies, paint stencils, DerbyDome, and more!

> Race Management
Pinewood derby software, gauges, and more!

> Inventory Clearance
Get great deals!

> Free Speed Tips
Learn the Five Keys to Pinewood Derby Speed!

> First Pinewood Derby?
Recommendations to get you started on the right track!

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Identify your kit type and find out how our products apply.

> Q&A
Answers to the most asked questions.

New Pinewood Derby Products
for the 2017-2018 Season

Car Kits Weight Specialty Tools
Speed Supplies Decals

Pinewood Derby Car Kits

Funny Car
Click Here for More Information

Funny Car - Back by popular demand, the Funny Car is a cool-looking dragster that will burn up the track. It comes complete with economical steel weights and car parts.
Funny Car BundleFunny Car
Click Here for More Information

Funny Car Bundle - The Funny Car is also available in a bundle, with BSA Speed Wheels and Speed Axles, and our Max-V-Lube Graphite.

Click Here for More Information

Dominator - The Dominator is very low, sleek, fast, and aggressively weighted. With the Tungsten Canopy, the bulk of the weight is focused in one area, minimizing the rotational inertia of the car.

Truck Kit
Click Here for More Information

Truck Kit - After many requests, we are also bring back the Truck Kit. This kit has a true truck bed which can be used to haul cargo (weight).

Pinewood Derby Weight

Low-Profile Tungsten Round
Click Here for More Information

Low-Profile Tungsten Round - The Low-Profile Tungsten Round is thinner (only 9/32 inch) than the other rounds, so you can make your car thinner and still get the weighting benefit of a round.
1/16 Ounce Tungsten Cylinders
Click Here for More Information

1/16 Ounce Tungsten Cylinders - These thin cylinders allow greater flexibility in weighting with cylinders. We have also add the 1/16 ounce cylinders to part 5029-Incremental Tungsten Cylinders.
Domed Adjustable Tungsten Round
Click Here for More Information

Domed Adjustable Tungsten Round - Looking to make a car with minimal wood and the weight focused at one location, such as the Car Described Here? This Domed Adjustable Tungsten Round allows the placement of the ballast weight at the desired point, and allows nearly 1/2 ounce of weight flexibility. The weight can be adjusted by adding one or two tungsten cubes (included), and/or tungsten putty as needed to adjust the weight. Just make sure to use epoxy to hold the cubes in place.
9/32 inch Tungsten Rod
Click Here for More Information

9/32 inch Tungsten Rod - Combining the simplicity of cylindrical weight with the low height benefit of cube weight, these tungsten rods allow thin cars to be built without creating underbody pockets.

Pinewood Derby Specialty Tools

COG Stand
Click Here for More Information

COG Stand - Forget the pencil or ruler; use our Center Of Gravity (COG) Stand to accurately measure and adjust the balance point of your pinewood derby car. The built in ruler simplifies the process of finding the exact balance point of your car.
19/64 inch bit
Click Here for More Information

19/64 inch Brad Point Drill Bit - The 19/64 inch Brad Point Drill Bit is sized to allow easy insertion of the 5067-9/32 Tungsten Rod. Brad Point drills bits are designed for boring clean and accurate holes in wood.

Speed Supplies

Air Guides
Click Here for More Information

Air Guides - Air flow into the cavity of a wheel causes turbulence that will slow down your car. These Air Guides stop the flow of air into the wheel cavity, thus eliminating that source of turbulence.

Pinewood Derby Decals

Cool Blaze Speed Streak
Peace & Love Rockin Diva Faith & Honor
Click Here for More Information

Dry Transfer Decals - We have added five new decals to our large assortment of dry transfer decals.

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