Needle Axle Upgrade Kit
for Pinewood Derby Racing

Mounted View

Simplify needle axle installation, and improve performance with this Needle Axle Upgrade Kit


This product contains:


These axles are intended for use with RSN and RSNX wheels. They cannot be used with the SSN wheels.

  1. Polish the axles with 5101-Axle Polish, or use the two finest papers in our 5100-Axle Polishing Kit.

  2. Select four beads that fit snuggly onto the axle shafts.

  3. Prepare the axle hole or slot by reaming with a #44 drill bit.

Do not install axles until car is complete. Axle shafts will be damaged if removed.
  1. Press each axle into place using the installation tool.

  2. Apply lube to an axle; we recommend 5106-Kryox 100.

  3. Place a wheel onto the axle with the dish-side of the wheel facing the car body.

  4. Press a bead onto the axle shaft. Use a gap gauge to set the distance between the car body and the wheel. No glue is required for the bead.

  5. Repeat steps 5 to 7 for the other three wheels.

  6. To remove the wheels, grasp the retaining bead with pair of pliers, then twist and pull.


The alignment of the car can be adjusted using the installation tool. With the wheel removed, slide the tool onto the axle, then bend the axle as desired.

Technical Information

Axle Diameter - Wide Section Axle Diameter - Narrow Section Overall Length Narrow Section Length Material
0.087 inch 0.035 inch 1.000 inch 0.400 inch Stainless Steel

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