Pinewood Derby Car
Inspection Gauge

Speed up your race inspection and make it consistent!

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Car Entering Gauge
Verifies Height, Width and Underbody Clearance

Door Closed
Verifies Length

Verifies Start Pin Criteria
Our Car Inspection gauge will help you improve your race by providing a consistent and quick way to inspect each pinewood derby car. The heavy-duty, laser-cut construction means that your organization can confidently use this gauge for years to come.


The Car Inspection gauge allows you to easily measure the following criteria:

  • Car Dimensions - If the car fits fully inside the gauge (with the door closed), then the car meets the standard dimension limits of:
    - 2-3/4 inches maximum width,
    - 7 inches maximum length,
    - 1-3/4 inches minimum wheel spacing, and
    - 3, 4, or 5 inches maximum height (adjustable). The height checker in the photos is set at 5 inches.

  • Underbody Clearance - If the bottom of the car clears the guide rail then the car meets the 3/8 inch minimum underbody clearance.

  • Wheelbase Length - If your organization has restrictions on wheelbase length, you can mark those limits on the base of the gauge.

  • Start Pin - Verifies that no part of the car extends past the starting pin.


The Inspection gauge is shipped unassembled with easy to follow instructions. You will need white or yellow glue to permanently assemble the gauge. Rubber bands are provided to hold the parts in place while the glue dries.

If you desired, the gauge can be left un-glued, using the rubber bands to hold it together. Then the gauge can be disassembled after the race.

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