Derby Stop
Pinewood Derby Car Staging Platform

Stage Your Cars in Style and Safety

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Trough holds either the front or rear wheels

Five cars per platform
Included stickers are used to identify the car

Finally, a staging system that will keep your cars organized and safe, but won't break the budget.


Derby Stop is a set of car staging platforms that:

  • Keep the cars organized - Each staging position is clearly marked, and the included car stickers make it simple to find each car's assigned location.

  • Keep the cars safe - The front or rear wheels rest snuggly in a trough in the platform, keeping them from moving; while the weight of the cars keep the platforms securely on the table.

  • Easily fits on a standard table - Each platform is 11 inches wide and 14 inches long. So, 5 platforms will fit end to end on a six foot table. In total, 10 platforms will fit on one table (placed in two rows).

  • Can Be Reused or Replaced - Derby Stop is inexpensive, so if desired you can use it again and again, or replace it each year (graphite does make a mess!).


The Derby Stop Platforms are shipped flat. The troughs are created by folding the platforms on the pre-creased line.

  1. Use the edge of a table or counter to fold along the four score lines.

  2. Turn the folded Derby Stop over and pinch to enhance the channel shape.

  3. Turn back over and load with cars!

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