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Pine Block
Standard Axle Holes & Weight Holes
for Pinewood Derby Cars

Pine Block
Standard Axle Holes
Weight Holes

In Stock

  From Randy:
"We use a precision drill press to ensure that axle holes are drilled as accurately as possible. This minimizes alignment issues, simplifying the building of a fast car."
Important - Read Before Ordering
  1. Wheels and axles are not included with the blocks. Wheels and axles for Cub Scout/BSA, PineCar, Awana, and Outlaw races can be found Here

  2. If you need the block to have four wheels on the ground, or plan to use Awana axles, then in addition to the block you will need to add a standard option to the shopping cart.

A high quality pine block with axle holes and weight holes for your shaping pleasure! The block is equipped with precision-drilled axle holes at the standard BSA position.


You will get top performance from these blocks!
  • Precision Axle Holes - The axle holes are precision drilled to improve alignment and speed.

  • Raised Axle Hole - The front-left axle hole is drilled slightly higher so that the car runs on three-wheels. Tests consistently prove that three-wheel cars are faster than four-wheel cars.


The block measures:
Height: 1-1/4 inches
Width: 1-3/4 inches
Length: 7 inches
Hole Diameter: 13/32 inch
Hole Depth: 1-1/2 inches
The block is equipped with precision-drilled axle holes at the standard BSA position, and are drilled with a #44 bit (fits BSA axles). One front axle hole is slightly raised so that the car will ride on three wheels (best performance).


The following standard options are available:
  1. Option 9000: Drilled axle holes, 4 wheels on the ground - add $1.00.

  2. Option 9002: Drilled axle holes for Awana axles (3/32" bit) - add $1.00.

  3. Option 9003: Wedge Cut Block - add $2.00

  4. Option 9004: Block Sliced Per Customer - add $2.00

Options Can Be Found Here

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